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'''General'''  ([[Media:general.pdf|as pdf]])
'''General'''  ([[Media:general education.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Teachers'''  ([[Media:teachers.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Teachers'''  ([[Media:teachers education.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Gay and Lesbian Studies'''  ([[Media:gay and lesbian studies.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Gay and Lesbian Studies'''  ([[Media:gay and lesbian studies.pdf|as pdf]])
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'''General'''  ([[Media:General.pdf|as pdf]])
'''General'''  ([[Media:General politics.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Political Theory'''  ([[Media:political theory.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Political Theory'''  ([[Media:political theory.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Discrimination'''  ([[Media:discrimination.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Discrimination'''  ([[Media:discrimination politics.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Government Documents'''  ([[Media:government documents.pdf|as pdf]])
'''Government Documents'''  ([[Media:government documents.pdf|as pdf]])

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  • General

Bibliography (as pdf)

Pioneers (as pdf)

Towards the Present (as pdf)

Sex Research (as pdf)

Essays and Collections (as pdf)

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (as pdf)

Libraries and Archives (as pdf)

Press and Media (as pdf)

Advertisements (as pdf)

Public Opinion (as pdf)

Attitudes of Professionals (as pdf)

Pornography and Censorship (as pdf)

  • Women's Studies

Lesbian Studies (as pdf)

Lesbian-Feminist Theory (as pdf)

Women's Studies Reference (as pdf)

Comparisons of Lesbians and Gay Men (as pdf)

  • History and Area Studies

General (as pdf)

Ancient Near East and Egypt (as pdf)

Greece and Rome (as pdf)

Middle Ages (as pdf)

Early Modern Europe (as pdf)

British Isles (as pdf)

France (as pdf)

Germany and Austria (as pdf)

Low Countries (as pdf)

Iberia (as pdf)

Italy (as pdf)

Eastern Europe (as pdf)

Scandinavia (as pdf)

North America (as pdf)

Latin America (as pdf)

Islam (as pdf)

China, Korea, and Central Asia (as pdf)

Japan (as pdf)

South and Southeast Asia (as pdf)

Biographies: Collective (as pdf)

The Homosexual Movement: United States (as pdf)

The Homosexual Movement: Abroad (as pdf)

  • Anthropology

Cross-Cultural Approaches (as pdf)

Africa, Sub-Saharan (as pdf)

Pacific Societies (as pdf)

North American Indians (as pdf)

Meso-American and South American Indians (as pdf)

  • Travel

Travelers (as pdf)

Guide (as pdf)

  • Humanities

Art: General (as pdf)

Art: Ancient and Medieval (as pdf)

Art: The Renaissance Tradition (as pdf)

Art: Modern (as pdf)

Photography (as pdf)

Film (as pdf)

Theater and Dance (as pdf)

Literary Studies: General (as pdf)

Literary Studies: Male (as pdf)

Literary Studies: Lesbian (as pdf)

Music (as pdf)

  • Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Ethics (as pdf)

Religion: General (as pdf)

Biblical Studies (as pdf)

main christian denominations (as pdf)

Gay Churches, Organizations, and Observers (as pdf)

Gay Clergy (as pdf)

Religious Backlash (as pdf)

Judaism (as pdf)

"New Age" Spirituality (as pdf)

  • Language

Language Studies (as pdf)

Dictionaries and Glossaries (as pdf)

Sociolinguistics (as pdf)

Graffiti (as pdf)

Folklore (as pdf)

Humor and Camp (as pdf)

  • Lifestyles

Social Semiotics and Lifestyle trends (as pdf)

Popular Culture (as pdf)

Sports (as pdf)

Etiquette and Self-Help (as pdf)

Sexual Techniques: Male (as pdf)

Sexual Techniques: Female (as pdf)

S & M (as pdf)

  • Economics

Economics, Business, and Labor (as pdf)

  • Education

General (as pdf)

Teachers (as pdf)

Gay and Lesbian Studies (as pdf)

  • Politics

General (as pdf)

Political Theory (as pdf)

Discrimination (as pdf)

Government Documents (as pdf)

  • Military

General (as pdf)

  • Sociology

Social Theory (as pdf)

Methodological Problems (as pdf)

Aging (as pdf)

Bars (as pdf)

Bathhouses and Beaches (as pdf)

Bisexuality (as pdf)

Blackmail (as pdf)

Couples (as pdf)

Deviance (as pdf)

Disability (as pdf)

Friendship (as pdf)

Ghetto, Gay (as pdf)

Impersonal Sex (as pdf)

Incest (as pdf)

Incidence (as pdf)

International Comparisons (as pdf)

Labeling (as pdf)

Minority Concept (as pdf)

Prostitution, Male (as pdf)

Race and Ethnicity (as pdf)

Role (as pdf)

Substance Abuse: Alcohol (as pdf)

Substance Abuse: Drugs (as pdf)

Youth (as pdf)

  • Social Work

Counseling and Social Services (as pdf)

  • Psychology

General (as pdf)

Creativity (as pdf)

Effeminacy and Sissiness (as pdf)

Family Backgrounds (as pdf)

Fantasies (as pdf)

Functioning and Adjustment (as pdf)

Group Dynamics (as pdf)

Homophobia and Stereotyping (as pdf)

Panic, Homosexual (as pdf)

Psychometric Assessment (as pdf)

Rorschach and Other Projective Tests (as pdf)

Social Sex Role (as pdf)

Stimulus-Response Tests (as pdf)

  • Psychiatry

General (as pdf)

Psychoanalysis (as pdf)

Other Depth Psychiatry Schools (as pdf)

Paranoia and Homosexuality (as pdf)

Psychotherapy: General (as pdf)

DSM Controversy (as pdf)

Behavior Therapy (as pdf)

Group Therapy (as pdf)

Religious and Related "Cures" (as pdf)

Sex Therapy (as pdf)

  • Family

Homosexuality and (Heterosexual) Marriage (as pdf)

Lesbian Mothers (as pdf)

Gay Fathers (as pdf)

Custody (as pdf)

Children of Lesbians and Gay Men (as pdf)

Parents of Gays and Lesbians (as pdf)

  • Boundary Crossing

Intergenerational sex (as pdf)

Cross Dressing (as pdf)

Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment (as pdf)

Hermaphroditism (as pdf)

  • Law

General (as pdf)

Ancient, Civil, and Canon Law (as pdf)

European Law (as pdf)

Britain (as pdf)

Australia and New Zealand (as pdf)

Canada (as pdf)

US Law: General (as pdf)

US Sodomy Laws (as pdf)

US Law: Courts (as pdf)

US Law: Employment (as pdf)

US Law: Immigration (as pdf)

US Law: Marriage (as pdf)

US Military Law (as pdf)

  • Law Enforcement

Police (as pdf)

Prisions: Male (as pdf)

Prisons: Female (as pdf)

  • Violence

General (as pdf)

Homosexual Rape (as pdf)

Suicide (as pdf)

  • Medical

General (as pdf)

Professionals and Patients (as pdf)

The AIDS Crisis (as pdf)

Medical Archaeology (as pdf)

  • Biology

General (as pdf)

Sociobiology (as pdf)

Twin Studies (as pdf)

Body Build (as pdf)

Animal Homosexuality (as pdf)

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