The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 1

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Table of contents and masthead


Title: Going home

Author: Edward Hougen

Summary Going home for the holidays for gay people need not be an exercise in pretense and self-rejection if we are open with our families about who we are.

First sentence(s Going home for the holidays is often a particularly stressful period for gay and lesbian “children”.

Keywords coming out, gay people and their families, holiday stress

Letters to the editor

News Notes

Topics: Five-minute HIV test, Michael Scherker, NSA gay discrimination, Kurt Marshall, James Allen Rideout, Jr., Canadian censorship, NGRA blasts HIV insurance proposal; MCI gay discrimination

Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: Jim Bakker, John Wesley Fletcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ollie North, Harvey Fierstein, Matthew Broderick, Tom of Finland, Tom Zizzo, Michael Jackson, Jane Goodall, John Boswell, Cheryl Crane, Lana Turner, Pope John Paul II, Michael Grubbs, male circumcision

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel Title: Update: Hustlers, Elvis & the Freakin’ Fag Revolution Summary: How gay life has changed and mainstreamed, and affected life and culture in the US since the early 1970s First sentence(s): Back in 1970, in Chicago, there was the ’famous trial of the Chicago Seven. Even though none of the defendants was gay – at least not then – the trial was clearly a public hanging of the anti-Vietnam War movement as well as the Counter-Culture Movement up to that time. The defense, wisely, cast a wide net. Gay poet Allen Ginsberg, who had been in Chicago to protest the terror of the Washington War-Lords, was called as a defense witness. Keywords: gay liberation, sexual revolution, counter-culture, 1960s, Allen Ginsberg, Elvis Presley, gay hustling, prostitution, Chicago Seven, Thomas Foran • Article type: main feature Author: Chris Wittke Title: Fierstein’s ‘Torch Song Triology’ reaches the screen Summary: A discussion of Harvey Fierstein’s film adaptation of his play, ‘Torch Song Trilogy’. First sentence(s): Fierstein’s epic look at urban gay life through the eyes of the sardonic and lovable Arnold Beckoff was originally performed as three one-act plays in various venues in New York City from the mid to late 1970s, and the three components were eventually brought together under the 'Trilogy' banner. Keywords: Harvey Fierstein, Torch Song Triology, Matthew Broderick • Article type: main feature Author: Chris Pomiecko Title: ‘Torch Song Triology’: Two hops forward, one hop back Summary: A discussion of Harvey Fierstein’s film adaptation of his play, ‘Torch Song Trilogy’. First sentence(s): When Harvey Fierstein’s play ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ opened in 1979, it was a powerful call to arms for all gay men to celebrate their sexual identity and to demand respect for their rights and feelings. ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ follows main character Arnold Beckoff, a female impersonator, as he pursues love and self-respect in a variety of ways. Keywords: Harvey Fierstein, Torch Song Triology, Matthew Broderick • Article type: Speaking Out of His Mind Author: Lester R. Grubé (Edward Hougen) Summary: Holiday tips for gay people, including a recipe for Santa’s Surprise Quiche. • Article type: main feature Author: Chris Bull Title: Insurance discrimination: Fighting back! Summary: Discusses insurance companies that won’t sell health or disability insurance to gay men from fear of the expense of treating AIDS. First sentence(s): For gay men who are not already covered by a group or individual insurance policy, life, health and disability insurance is increasingly hard to find. Many insurance companies now routinely deny coverage to all applicants from heavily gay areas – a practice known as “redlining” – or to young, single men. And many companies have taken to requiring an HIV antibody test as a prerequisite for coverage. Keywords: AIDS insurance discrimination • Article type: Sex in the News Author: Boyd McDonald Titles: Priest who welcomed pope also welcomed boy flesh; Football team also plays homosexual games; Prodigy enjoys pornography at age 6; Citadel cadet shows nude body at mall • Article type: Sex Histories Editor: Boyd McDonald Title: War is hell (but sexy) Summary: Connecticut gay man recalls sexual adventures he had as a US soldier in London during World War II and of his boyhood initiation to sex at 12 with his friend’s father and other men in the town where he grew up. First sentence(s): I read with nostalgia the adventures of a GI in London in WWII and would add a few notes. Keywords: public sex, gays in World War 2, pederasty, pedophilia, boyhood sexual experiences, prostitution

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