The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 10

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Table of contents and masthead

Letters to the editor

Topics: gay Ireland, Republican double standards over Barney Frank, Garter belt info sough, Boston targets sexist ads, New Jersey’s Jim Courter courts homophobic vote.


Title: The power of being Frank

Author: French Wall

Summary: The challenge facing Congressman Barney Frank, in the news over revelations of his boyfriend’s involvement in prostitution, is to find some way to get his constituents and the media to look beyond their knee-jerk responses and to examine whether his actions were in any truly moral sense ‘wrong’.

First sentence(s): For the past month, newspapers, magazines, and TV shows have been full of reports of Congressman Barney Frank’s involvement with male prostitutes.

Keywords: Barney Frank, prostitutes, sexual freedom, sex law

News Notes

Topics: Massachusetts Attorney General won’t charge guards who beat protester; ACT UP/Oregon sues over strip searches; Dannemeyer attacks report on gay youth suicide; Hartford gay activist seeks council seat; Compound Q is no magic bullet but possible new weapon in anti-AIDS arsenal; and more.

Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: Johnnie Walker targets gays with deft billboard campaign; Svend Robinson explains hickey at ILGA conference; Chicago video exchange club; Zsa Zsa Gabor is afraid of lesbians; Sex is good for the heart; Patrick Swayze hates football; Ohio State reports on what college athletes discuss in locker rooms; Sansabelt protects men’s better, lower half, and more.

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel

Title: Cavalcade of Crapoloa

Summary: There are wonderful, talented emerging gay writers, but the odds against their getting noticed, published, or read are dimming, in the face of increasing dominance of mediocrity.

First sentence(s): I was saddened to read recently of Seymour Krim’s suicide. He had been in ill health, suffering from heart problems, and chose to end his life at age 65. I often liked Krim ‘s work. He was bright, feisty, clear-headed. He had a strong independent voice. But Krim’s death made me reflect on the current state of gay literature, something central to my daily life (I am a bookseller in a gay/lesbian book-shop) as well as a focus of my intellectual and emotional energies.

Keywords: gay writers, gay novels, Seymour Krim, Gore Vidal, James Baldwin, Rita Mae Brown, Peter DeVries, Gertrude Stein, Boyd McDonald, cultural degeneration

Who’s old enough to play?

Article type: main feature

Author: Bill Andriette

Summary: Critical analysis of age-of-consent laws and how they are used to target the gay community.

First sentence(s): David Roberts was in the bath tub when the police came.

Keywords: age-of-consent laws, sexual repression, intergenerational sex, pederasty.

The sexual revolution

Article type: fiction

Author: Robert Patrick

Summary: The husband of a gay man who lives on a boat becomes pregnant.

First sentence(s): “My husband’s pregnant,” he finally said.

AIDS – The new reality: Hope and impending holocaust

Article type: main feature

Author: Tom Reeves

Summary: A frightening part of the new AIDS reality we must face is that there will soon be more deaths from AIDS and that for the first time these deaths will not be due to the “nature” ofthe plague itself, but to an unjust and inhumane health care system.

First sentence(s): In case you hadn’t noticed, some basic things seem to be changing about AIDS.

Keywords: AIDS, HIV, preventable disease, AZT, health and class, gay men’s health

Nine rules for writing come shots

Article type: main feature

Author: Lars Eighner

Summary: Guidelines for writing gay pornography.

First sentence(s): The heart of a work of stroke fiction – or stroke non-fiction for that matter – is the come shot.

Keywords: pornographic writing, come shot, cum shot, climax

Sex in the News

Author: Boyd McDonald

Titles: Car salesman can sell sex, too; Cleric accused of sex with jail bait; Professor ‘plays’ with youth’s peter; The joy of forensic pathology; photo of prostitute Barney Frank patronized.

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