The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 2

From William A. Percy
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Table of contents and masthead


Title: Slamming the door on truth

Author: French Wall

Summary: It is important to fight anti-gay censorship at the borders and discrimination against gay travelers.

First sentence(s): Forcing people into closets is one way our homophobic society tries to prevent the truth about gay people from being discovered.

Keywords: gay immigration, customs censorship, homophobia, US immigration, censorship • Article type: Letters to the editor: • Topics: Robert Patrick, Lars Eighner, child-porn hysteria, Nancy Reagan, circumcision Article type: Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: sexual slang in ancient Greece, Barry Powell, anti-gay murder, HIV discrimination in Alabama courts, James Watson, Bette Davis, Engelbert Humperdink, Ann Landers, Michael Dukakis, condoms in Poland, Ickey Woods, Lawrence of Arabia ----

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel

Title: USA nets approved reading time: 3-1/2 minutes

Summary: The pure products of America go crazy

First sentence(s): We stare into the unavoidable mirrors of distorted reality.We are exposed to the faces of our dearly beloved fellow citizens on TV, on public transports, as they glide past us on opposite escalators. We smell their farts on crowded elevators. We spy them shoplifting in garish downtown stores or in pissy malls. We suspect many have electrodes in their heads, placed there by known but unrevealed powers in the polity. Why else would they act this way?

Keywords: America, degeneration, entropy

Homos go home! The Guide looks at US immigration policy in the age of AIDS

Article type: main feature

Author: French Wall, photos by Greg Dorian

Summary: US’s exclusion of people with HIV is only the latest in a series of harsh and discriminatory policies aimed at disparaged ethnicities and races. First sentence(s): When Carl Hill came from Britain to San Francisco to take part in the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade in 1979 he didn’t take off his gay pride buttons. In fact, Hill insisted on telling immigration officers that, yes, he was gay. The immigration officials, noting that US law forbids the entry into the US of anyone “afflicted with a psychopathic personality, sexual deviation, or mental defect,” sent Hill to the Public Health Service to have him certified sick.

Keywords: immigration, exclusion, HIV discrimination, borders, nativism

Drag queens in cabs! Jane longs for the 60s

Article type: main feature

Author: ‘Jane’

Summary: A drag performer discusses life in gentrifying Toronto and experiences with cab drivers.

First sentence(s): Let me say right off that I’m not here to trash Toronto.

Keywords: drag, female impersonation, Toronto, taxis, cab drivers, sexuality in 1960s ----

Sex in the News

Author: Boyd McDonald

Titles: Freshman forced to stick faces in bare butts; 3 priests arrested for sex with 2 brothers; The moral majority; Cop jailed for ‘oral copulation’; Heterosexual of the month; The straight life; Sports lover.

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