The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 3

From William A. Percy
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Table of contents and masthead


Title: Take the test

Author: French Wall

Summary: Take the HIV test to find out your antibody status so you can have more control over the health choices you face.

First sentence(s): “I hear the test doesn’t mean anything.”

Keywords: HIV antibody test, AIDS, anonymous HIV tests ---- Letters to the editor

Topics: Rochester, New York; Porn laws worry reader.

Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: penises in art, Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski, neutering pets, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Oral Roberts, extra-large and extra-small condoms, Dan Quayle, Ann Landers and HIV, safe-sex in California hotels, The Front Runner, nude beer, Japan anti-HIV immigration rules, Billy Tipton, Andy Warhol, Bruce Wayne, Boy George, Greg Louganis and Wheaties.

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel

Title: Kulture Kweans, Politkos, and Porno Piggies

Summary: Discusses the trinity of types of gay men: culture connoisseurs, political activists, and obsessive pornography collectors.

First sentence(s): All gay life is divided into three parts. There is the toney domain of the Kulture Kweans, the bailiwick of the Politikos, and the sty of the Porno Piggies. It is now as it always has been.

Keywords: gay types, opera and gays, literature and gays, theater and gays, pornography

Speaking Out of His Mind

Author: Lester R. Grubé (Edward Hougen)

Title: Letters to Lester

Summary: Gay erotica, and whether birds have penises

He works hard for the money: An interview with Jake Corbin, porn up-and-comer

Article type: main feature

Author: Chris Pomiecko

Summary: Profile of 25-year-old porn star Jake Corbin, from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

First sentence(s): In this repressive age, it is refreshing to see someone who enjoys and celebrates his sexuality as much as Jake Corbin. Corbin, 25, is an up-and-coming porn star, having performed in Falcon Studio’s “Cruisin’: Men on the Make”, and four films for Catalina, including “Screen Test #2” and the recently released “Runaways”. A true Renaissance stud, he also strips, models, and does jerk-off shows. Jake is 25 years old. Born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in an Italian Catholic family, he was a gymnast and a dancer in high school, performing modern dance and adagio ballet with the Rhode Island Dance Company when he was 17.

Keywords: Jake Corbin, gay pornography, first sexual experiences

Sex in the News

Author: Boyd McDonald

Titles: Youth goes from Indiana to Kentucky to get ‘molested’; Boy, 15, arrested for sexual attacks on other boys; Two prisoners strip, rape third; Father of the month; The joy of heterosexuality.

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