The Guide, January, 1989; volume 9, number 9

From William A. Percy
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Table of contents and masthead


Title: Sign language

Author: French Wall

Summary: Protests by gay people in Provincetown over an ACT UP sign in the pride parade proclaiming “The queer nation says legalize butt fucking and clit licking” show gay people working with right-wing censors.

First sentence(s): A sign carried by ACT UP / New York in Provincetown’s 1989 gay pride parade provoked storm of controvery not only in Provincetown, but in the pages of gay publications throughout the Northeast.

Keywords: gays censoring gays, ACT UP, Provincetown, sexual liberation, censorship

Letters to the editor News Notes

Topics: Suicide rate higher for gay youth; Georgia sodomy law used against husband; Five youths nabbed in NY gay bash; Federal appeals court rejects Army lesbian; Mass coalition plans state house rally

Justice Department appeals ruling that voided Reagan porn statute: Law would let Feds shut down gay magazines and book stores

Article type: News

Summary: US Justice Department appeals ruling striking down the ‘Child Protection and Enforcement Act of 1988’, which was rejected on May 16, 1989, by federal court judge George Revercomb.

First sentence(s): The US Justice Department has decided to appeal a federal district court ruling rendered last May that struck down a pornography law giving the federal government unprecedented power to censor erotica and seize assets of book stores, publishers, and libraries.

Keywords: child pornography, censorship, forfeiture, sexual hysteria

Gay men entrapped for phone sex fantasy: Computer bulletin board infiltrated by police

Article type: News

Summary: Two men are accused of plotting to kidnap and murder boy in what appears like merely a fantasy encouraged and led-on by FBI agents.

First sentence(s): In what appears to be a sadomasochistic phone-sex fantasy gone awry, the FBI arrested two Virginia men August 14 or allegedly conspiring to kidnap, rape, and murder an indeterminate boy for a pornographic video.

Keywords: sadomasochism, police entrapment, Dennis Cooper

Dirty Dishes

Author: French Wall

Topics: anal exams of children, Boomer Esiason and Hanes underwear, Michigan Decency Action Council, GI Joe, Our Lady of the Roses, AIDS education for kids, drug war czar supports extra-legal kidnapping, Montreal AIDS education isn’t sex-negative, Brigitte Bardot on gays in St. Tropez, Life magazine and jock straps, foreskins and skin grafts, Vivian Vance, Lucille Ball.

Common Sense

Author: John Mitzel

Title: Naming names

Summary: Outing as gay political figures who support punitive policies against homosexuals is legitimate.

First sentence(s): One of my favorite images from gay life in the past year beamed from Illinois. Long-time GOP Governor Jim Thompson grabbed headlines by promising to sign into law a bill which would mandate HIV-testing and make compulsory the reporting of names. Thoughtful people have agreed such measures are regressive and punitive and the wrong way to tackle current health problems. One night, Big Jim Thompson found his home surrounded by a circle of attractive leather-clad lads. As Gov. Jim peeked out from behind his lace curtains, the leather guys all·chanted: “Hey, Big Jim! Remember me?” Big Jim’s response, if any, has not been recorded.

Keywords: outing, Barney Frank, Jim Thompson, sex-offender registries, contact tracing, GOP, Republican party, Jon Hinson

Beyond Hebraic ABC’s

Article type: main feature

Author: Freddie Greenfield

Summary: Recollections of boyhood sexual awakening and sexual encounters with a rabbi, excerpted from the author’s memoir, ‘Were You Always a Criminal?’.

First sentence(s): Toltz, homeroom, music teacher.

Keywords: Jewish homosexuality, boyhood sexual awakening, pederasty.

Sex in the News

Author: Boyd McDonald

Titles: Youth, 19, freed after killing man; Nude driver stops rush hour traffic; The wide world of sports; The sex life of a hockey manager; Youth blackmails teacher, 40; Executive has sex with retarded men; 6 boys pose nude for techer; Paper quotes man, ‘Fuck you’; McDonald’s manager whips his cream.

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