The Making of Europe

From William A. Percy
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Part 1 The Foundations

Roman Empire (as pdf)

Catholic Church (as pdf)

The Classical Tradition and Christianity (as pdf)

The Barbarians (as pdf)

The Barbarians and The Fall of The Empire in The West (as pdf)

Part 2 Ascendancy of the East

The Christian Empire and The Rise of the Byzantin Culture (as pdf)

The Awakening of the East and The Revolt of the Subject Nationalities (as pdf)

The Rise of Islam (as pdf)

The Expansion of Moslem Culture (as pdf)

The Byzantine Renaissance and the Revival of the Eastern Empire (as pdf)

Part 3 The Formation of Western Christendom

The Rise of Islam (as pdf)

The Restoration of The Western Empire And Carolingian Renaissance (as pdf)

The Age of The Vikings and The Conversion of The North (as pdf)

The Rise of The Mediaeval Unity (as pdf)

The Conclusion and Notes (as pdf)

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