There are many GLBT leaders who deserve credit, but some are special

From William A. Percy
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As I said, I think Don Slater was/is a real homosexual renaissance person. He was a thinker, journalist, did actual legal work, did a few talk shows, and should be included in any list. Frank Kameny worked in public relations-a shock I know-since he kept attacking Congress, and fought a lawsuit against the federal government-of course Don, et al, did also for the magazine. But Frank was in DC. And Harvey Milk went into politics and talked a lot, and deserves credit-although Don didn't like him too much, but then Don had questions even about Barney Frank, much less the idea of Morris Kight thinking working with the current mayor would actually make long term progress-which I don't think it did, but it along with other such work did. But Morris also founded the first gl center. And the people, then and now who did Stonewall deserve to be on the list. But so do the editors of the major glbt newspapers. Not sure about the owners of the Advocate. And the special professional groups, such as Lambda Legal, COLAGE, PFLAG-which also troubled Don (since he thought they were saying, my kids are sick, but I love them anyway-not sure that is true now at least), GLSEN, et al, are part of the long march to progress and must be covered and honored. Not sure yet about the religious groups, such as Dignity, etc.

The constant chatter by the latest celebrity to come out-which is now decade old-is nonsense, but true-they do get contactd by young people saying their coming out helps them. My point is that, as was discussed on a documentary I watched, on LOGO (thanks to Bill Percy), about Jack Wrangler, a porn star, pointed out how long ago kids and others were writing him and others saying they felt better being gay since he was. They said that to ONE Magazine. So each generation apparently has to be reassured, despite all the proof since 1950. The founders didn't have any previous support-kids today, despite personal parental etc problems, at least know for sure that a vast majority of people do not hate them, and don't have the media attacking them as we did. And the vast majority of psychiatrists etc are not trying to 'cure" them.

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