Viscount Esher

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Below was also sent to me by Stephen Wayne Foster:

Reginald Balliol Brett, Viscount Esher (1852-1930) was a very influential political figure at the court of Edward VII, working behind the scenes to reform the British army. At Eton he was a student of the pederast William Johnson Cory, about whom he wrote a biography, "Ionicus" (1923). Esher himself was a pederast, writing anonymously a book of Uranian verse, "Foam" (1893). Although ignored by Brian Reade, Timothy d'Arch Smith has somewhat to say about him. Rowse (1977) chatted about his political career, but seems not to have known the details of his sex life, and it was left to James Lees-Milne to give the details in a biography, "Enigmatic Edwardian" (1986). He had affairs with a series of youths.

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