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Billy Glover:

I think the record is not good on the women in the early Mattachine, and thus the early movement. I have checked 3 books that would have info and here is what I got. Two short examples of the incompleteness; one mentions a Flo and nothing else, and Betty Perdue is only mentioned incidentally in saying she is the one who got Jim Kepner into Mattachine.

Stuart Timmon's book, The Trouble With harry hayhas4 mentions, including "Flo." Then Ruth Bernhard (1951). Of course the suprt came from Harry's mother Margaret-incorporatd it-and sister of Konrad Steven- Romayne Cox. there is a Mrs. D. T. Campbell, unknown, and then Marilyn Reiger, Boopsie, a guild conductor, who left disgusted to become religious.

Todd in Pre-Gay L. a. mentions etty (Geraldine Jackson) 3 times.

Jim Sears, in Behind the Mask of the Mattachine has lots of mentions, but not very important. Bracy, Even Elloree, Marian Glass, ann Carl Reid, Harriet Stanley.

Paul's email:

Eve Ellorree and Ann Carll Reid were actually more important to ONE than to Mattachine. They were both involved with the artwork for ONE Magazine -- I think they likely played a lesser role in Mattachine. The "Flo" to whom you refer is probably Rev. Florine Fleischman (sp?), who has talked about her experiences in some journals, but ultimately transferred her movement allegiance to Troy Perry's UFMCC. I believe Betty Perdue and Geraldine Jackson are one and the same person (one is a pseudonym). Marilyn Rieger was a big deal when it came to the Mattachine internal split in 1953 -- she sided with Hal Call, et al., in supporting the opening of Mattachine from the secret guilds into an open organization. Marion Glass moved her allegiance to Daughters of Bilitis, and became the life-partner of DOB President Shirley Willer. I believe the rest of the names were either tokens or figureheads, rather than active members bent on altering public policy. pdc

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