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Xavier Mayne was pseudo name for Prime Stevenson, the first American ever to do a survey of the state of homosexuals in our country and the problems we were encountering in his day. It was privately printed in Naples Italy in only 200 copies in 1904 and was dedicated to Richard Van Krafft-Ebing who had inspired him to undertake the project. Dr.Kraft-Ebing, "that pioneer in this passionate, humane, scientific study of semisexualism". As of today, 14 March 2008, the only copy listed on the internet has the name in it Norman Douglas whom it belong and is priced at 12000 dollars. Jonathan Katze, oversold the Arno Press reprint in 1975, but as of today no copies of that are listed for sale. According to Stevenson, he was offering to the Anglo-Phonic World, a popularized survey which relied largely on Germanic scholarship treating social,legal, psychological aspects. Getting it published was difficult and resulted in several years of delay so that it did not contain the very latest material. It had to be printed in Italy and this created number of unusual errors and the text was also not always as clear as one would wish.

The Intersexes: A History of Similisexualism as a Problem In Social Life

Foreward and Chapter 1 (as pdf)

Chapter 2 pages 6-20 (as pdf)

Chapter 3 pages 21-38 (as pdf)

Chapter 4 pages 39-71 (as pdf)

Chapter 5 pages 72-93 (as pdf)

Chapter 5 pages 94-109 (as pdf)

Chapter 5 pages 110-122 (as pdf)

Chapter 6 pages 123-141 (as pdf)

Chapter 6 pages 142-151 (as pdf)

Chapter 7 pages 152-163 (as pdf)

Chapter 7 pages 164-183 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 184-205 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 123-141 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 123-141 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 206-229 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 230-245 (as pdf)

Chapter 8 pages 246-254 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 255-275 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 276-293 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 294-329 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 330-349 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 350-373 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 374-399 (as pdf)

Chapter 9 pages 400-408 (as pdf)

Chapter 10 pages 409-435 (as pdf)

Chapter 10 pages 462-485 (as pdf)

Chapter 10 pages 486-523 (as pdf)

Chapter 10 pages 524-529 (as pdf)

Chapter 11 pages 530-554 (as pdf)

Chapter 12 pages 555-562 (as pdf)

Chapter 13 pages 563-585 (as pdf)

Chapter 13 pages 586-620 (as pdf)

Appendices (as pdf)

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